What’s On




What’s on at the Polish White Eagle Club in 2018 …

19 December (to be confirmed): Polish XMAS DELI

8 December: ACT & Snowy Region Polish Xmas Fete & Festival

1 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

17 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

3 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

20 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

13 October: Live at the Polo presents: Helena Pop & friends

6 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

29 September: Live at the Polo presents: Toulouse Low Trax & Ors

22 September: Live at the Polo presents: School Damage & friends

22 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

15 September: Live at the Polo presents: Kilroy with Harrison Lambert and Kopasetic

14 September: Reclink Community Cup party night

11 September: WEC presents: Tuesday Balkanesque with Super Rats Romanian Band

8 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

25 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

17 August: Live at the Polo presents: Nic Cage and the Bad Seats

11 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

3 & 4 August: Jumptown Swing presents: Canberrang Festival 2018

29 July: Teatr Fantazja presents: Brancz

28 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

28 July: Live at the Polo presents: The Gypsy Scholars & friends

20 July: Live at the Polo presents: Ryan Fennis and friends

14 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

30 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

22 June: Live at the Polo presents: Los Chavos, East Row Rabble & Brother Brad

16 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

15 June: Live at the Polo presents: Slow Turismo 

9 June: Live at the Polo presents: Steve Grieve & The Mourners

7 June: CMC presents: Daniel Champaign

2 June: Live at the Polo presents: Brother Be, The Post Masters & friends

2 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

5 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 April: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 April: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

31 March: SICA presents Solomon Islands night (fundraiser)

28 March: EASTER DELI Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 March: Capoeira Senzala 10 year Festival Canberra

10 March: Live at the Polo presents: Betty Alto & Friends

10 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

10 February Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

What’s on at the Polish White Eagle Club in 2017 … 

20 December:  Krakus/Promyk Xmas continental butcher/deli/market

9 December: Canberra Polish Community Fete

3 December: U-Next Australia presents: Ukradjena Listnost

2 December: Live at the Polo presents: String Elephants, Sally Chicane, Postmasters & Dalmacia

2 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 November: Live at the Polo presents: Wesley & the Crushers, Kilroy & Sagatha Christie

18 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

17 November: Live at the Polo presents: The Black Horses, Limited Express & Okinawa Girls

4 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

20 October: CMC presents: The Foghorn Stringband

7 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

30 September: CMC presents: Rufino & the Coconuts

26 August: CMC presents: Decadence and Debauchery (Burlesque)

26 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 August: Cell Block 69 Dance Off 2017

12 August: Friends of Chopin Australia presents: Dinner with Monsieur Chopin

12 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

4 August: Jumptown Swing presents: Morrocan Magnificance (Canberrang 2017)

5 August: Jumptown Swing presents: Anchors Away (Canberrang 2017)

29 July: [email protected] presents: Slow Turismo, Waterford, Mondecreen & Ors

29 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

4 July: CMC presents: Four Play

24 June: CMC presents: Daniel Champaign

17 June: CMC presentd: Jo Jo Smith & Lucie Thorne

17 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

16 June: CMC presents: Fiona Ross & Tony McManus

3 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

26 May: CMC presents: Amps not Camps II

25 May: ACT Greens present: Ka-CHING

20 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

6 May: CMC presents: Cumbia Massive

6 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

29 April: CMC presents: My Perfect Sunday (with Moaning Lisa)

13 April: PACZKI Fest

12 April: (WEDNESDAY) Krakus/Promyk Easter continental butcher/deli/market

4 April: U-Next Australia presents: Sokin i Bosina & Milunka (Comedy) 

1 April: CMC presents: Casa De Reboco (Brazilian Capoeira Senzala Party)

31 March: CMC presents: Mikelangelo, The King Hits & Nozl

25 March: CMC presents: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 March: Polish Club presents: Andrzej Czierniewski (Poland)

11 March: CMC presents: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

1 March: CMC presents: The Young Folk (Ireland)

26 February: Polish Club presents: Trio Laetare (Melbourne)

25 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 February: CMC presents: Dog Trumpet with Bernie Hayes

28 January: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

What’s on at the Polish White Eagle Club in 2016 …

22 December: CLCA present: Ratilai (from Lithuania)

21 December (WEDNESDAY): Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

9 December: CMC presents: Spectres of Love ( with Mikelangelo, Michaela El Dinero & AJ True)

8 December: CMC presents: Zyl’s The Wall – a live rendition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall

3 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

26 November: CMC presents: Music for a Warming World (with Simon Kerr, Mal Webb)

19 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

18 November: CMC presents: Zambezi Sounds

12 November: CMC presents: Tom Woodward with Kota Yamauchi

10 November: CMC presents: Ping Pong Jam

5 November: CMC presents: Music & Mayhem (with Tarsier, Tammy Paks, Inkbits & Ors)

4 November: CMC presents: Forro & Flamenco (with Mandacaru, Solquemia)

5 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

28 October: CMC presents: The Company

22 October: CMC presents: Spring Fling (with Brother Be, Bears with Guns & Betty Alto)

22 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 October: CMC presents: Amps not Camps (with Rumblr, Moaning Lisa & Ors)

13 October: CMC presents: Ping Pong Jam

8 October: The WEC presents: Swing into Spring (Zabawa)

8 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 September: CMC presents: Ungus Ungus Ungus

10 September: CMC presents: Mal Webb with Formidable Vegetable Sound System

3 September: CMC presents: Latham’s Grip, Treehouse Children

2 September: CMC presents: Rufino & the Coconuts, with East Row Rabble

27 August: CMC presents: Fun Machine, with PAINTonPAINT and Faux Faux Amis

27 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

26 August: CMC presents: Bleach it Clean, with Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

19 August: CMC presents: Beth’n’Ben Play Little Jimmy’s Birthday

13 August: CMC & Cell Block 69 presents: Dance Off 2016

13 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

30 July: Jumptown Swing presents: Canberrang 2016

30 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

29 July: CMC presents: Mikelangelo and Rob Snarski

23 July: CMC presents: Groove Warehouse

22 July: CMC presents: Three bands, One Microphone

16 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

2 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

24 June: CMC presents: Welcome Refugees Solidarity Concert

18 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

10 June: CMC presents: Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentleman

4 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

3 June: CMC presents: Glitoris with Faux Faux Amis

28 May: CMC presents: Jeff Lang

27 May: CMC presents: Heart Beach, Wives, Low Talk, Tom Woodward

21 May: CMC presents: Sons of Sun

21 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

20 May: CMC presents: John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special

15 May: Kabaret Polski

14 May: CMC presents: Old Man Luedecke

7 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

6 May: CMC presents: Kristin Hersh (US) & Broads

30 April: CMC presents: Funky Custard 80s night

29 April: CMC presents: Funky Trop

23 April: Easter Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

22 April: CMC presents Gypsy Scholars with Ben Kelly and Brother Be

16 April: WEC presents: Twist & Twirl (Zabawa)

15 April: CMC presents: Grace Barbe

10 April: CMC presents: OH PEP! with Burrows

9 April: CMC presents: Brazilian Party 

9 April: Easter Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

8 April: CMC presents: My Sisters Gramophone with Brother Be & Happy Axe

3 April: Lajkonik/Wielkopolska presents: Polskie Drozki Song & Dance Ensembles

2 April: CMC presents: Liam McKahey & the Bodies, Space Party and Ray Gun Rampage

1 April: CMC presents: Daniel Champaign

23 March: Easter Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

18 March: CMC presents: SMADJ

12 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

11 March: CMC presents: East Row Rabble & Midnight Tea Party

4 March: CMC presents: Pat Powell (Patou)

27 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 February: CMC presents: David Bowie tribute night

13 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

12 February: CMC presents: Amber Isles with Pocket Fox

6 February: CMC presents: Excuse the French

5 February: CMC presents: Dog Trumpet (Reg Mombasa) with Bernie Hayes

30 January: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

29 January: CMC presents: Trumpet Club Reunion (w/Novia Scotia and Robbie Man Trio)

24 January: U-Next Australia presents: CABAras CABArei

23 January: CMC presents: Dereb the Ambassador with Zambezi Sounds

22 January: CMC presents: Moochers Inc. with Rafe Morris & The Gypsy Jazz 

What was on at the Polish White Eagle Club in 2015 … our comeback year!!!

22 December: Xmas Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market (Tuesday 3-6 pm)

21 December: CMC presents Darren Hanlon

12 December: FS100 Solider On fundraiser: Paul Parolo and guests play Sinatra

5 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

4 December: CMC presents: Sass and Tease

28 November: CMC presents: Canberra Songbook Launch

27 November: CMC presents: Fun Party with Mondeceen

26 November: CMC presents Charity for Myanmar health clinics with Brother Be & friends

21 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

14 November: CMC presents: Zambezi Sounds with Radical Posture Band

13 November: CMC presents: East Row Rabble

7 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

6 November: CMC presents: Chris Henry & The Hardcore Grass

31 October: CMC presents:  Halloween’15: Magic Rob Universe, Space Party, Bo Loserr

30 October: CMC presents: Cracked Actor (with Happy Axe & Outside the Academy)

24 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

23 October: CMC presents: Last Leaves (with Waterford, Eddie & the Doodles, Great Earthquake)

22 October: CMC presents: Steve Poltz (USA) with Tom Woodward

17 October: CMC presents: Danny Wild’s Playful Sound Dance Party

11 October: CMC presents: Mikelangelo’s City Of Dreams

10 October: CMC presents: Sizzle and Moist with MC KREWD, Tammy Paks

10 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

9 October: CMC presents: Madre Monte, Los Chavos

2 October: CMC presents: Glitoris

26 September: CMC presents: Billy Neal & The Polecats

26 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

25 September: CMC presents: The Borderers

18 September: CMC presents: Andre Camilleri and the Wretched Few, The Undertow

17 September: CMC presents: Playful Sound with John Smith & Soul Crane

12 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

11 September: CMC presents: the Pooh-Pooh Polo Party fundraiser

4 September: CMC presents: Brother Be’s Spring Fling Gig

29 August: Cellblock 69 presents the Cellblock 69 Dance Off

29 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 August: CMC presents: Oxjam

16 August: CMC presents: Mikelangelo’s CAVE-WAITS-COHEN

15 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

14 August: CMC presents: Hashemoto, with James Faye

8 August: CMC presents: Slow Turismo

1 August: Jumptown/Canberrang  Swing Festival presents: Bugsy’s Back Room featuring Chris Harland Blues Band

1 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

31 July: CMC presents: ‘The Wild & the Reckless’ featuring Space Party, The Feldons and The Kingstons

25 July: CMC presents: Nova and the Experience, with Cracked Actor & Ella Hunt

24 July: CMC presents: ‘The Burly Gods of Burrows’ featuring Burrows, The Burly Griffin & Sanjiva de Silva

18 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

17 July: CMC presents: Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

11 July: CMC presents: Lucie Thorne, with Happy Axe

4 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

3 July: CMC presents: Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

26 June: CMC presents: The Fuelers & The Crossbones

20 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 June: CMC presents: Liam McKahey and The Bodies with Andre Camilleri and The Wretched Few

12 June: CMC presents: Pocket Fox with Northumberland and Alex & Joel

6 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

5 June: CMC presents: Meltdown @ the Polo with Nozl, Magic Rob Experience, Sanjiva de Silva

4 June: CMC presents: The Company

29 May: CMC presents: Positive Feedback Loop EP Launch

23 May: CMC presents: Vanuatu Band Aid with Zambezi Sounds

23 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

22 May: CMC presents: Faux Faux Amis, The Blade Winner, The Wrst, Dead DJ Joke 

16 May: Re-furbished, Re-freshed, Re-newed: The Polish Club Grand Re-opening Party

9 May: CMC presents: Mikelangelo The Balkan Elvis (Live and Intimate Tour)

9 May: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

25 April: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

1 April: Easter Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

14 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

28 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

14 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

31 January: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

2014 … a year we’d rather forget!

2013 at the Polish White Eagle Club

21 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

14 December: Polish Christmas Festival Day

7 December: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

6 December: CMC presents: Crooked Fiddle Band and friends

5 December: CMC presents: The Tiger and Me & Bearded Gypsy Band

29 November: CMC presents: The Monotremes

23 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

22 November: Polish Club 40th Anniversary with the Wanninashvilles

21 November: Big Pharmer and friends at Rock-a-Polo

16 November: Polish Club 40th Anniversary cocktail party for membership (private)

15 November: CMC presents: The Ellis Collective (CD launch) & friends

14 November: CMC presents: Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

9 November: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

8 November: CMC presents Fun Machine Rainbow Party

1 November: CMC presents Cracked Actor

31 October: CMC present: Lenin’s Lovechild (10 Days that Shook the World)

26 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

25 October: CMC presents Perch Creek Family Jug Band & friends

24 October: The Faumuis

18 October: CMC presents The Twin Beasts (Toot Toot Toots)

17 October: CMC Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

12 October: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

10 October: CMC presents: Mindscapes Festival

11 October: CMC presents: Beth’n’Ben “Scenic Roots” EP launch & friends

6 October: CMC presents The Cannanes, Waterford, & Bacon Cakes

5 October: CMC presents: Cactus Channel with Nyash

29 September: White Eagle Club Annual General Meeting

28 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

27 September: CMC Turns Five  (Beth & Ben, Zoopago &  friends)

14 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

13 September: CMC presents: Dorothy Jane Band, Freyja’s Rain & Marji Curran

12 September: CMC Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

23 August: CMC presents Kira Pura and the Bruise

17 August: CMC presents Rufino and the Coconuts and friends

17 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

16 August: CMC presents Elisa Bones, Tully on Tully and Borneo

9 August: CMC presents Count Me In (Zoopago and others)

8 August: CMC Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

3 August: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

2 August: CMC presents The Woohoo Revue with Nyash

1 August: CMC presents The Woohoo Revue, Brass Knuckle Band and friends

27 July: CMC presents Cracked Actor

26 July:  CMC presents Space Party, Magic Rob Universe, Little Mac

20 July: Lacklustre Records presents Revellers, Sundial, Thesis & Breakout

20 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

19 July: CMC presents The Main Guys and the Other Guys with friends

18 July: CMC presents In Canberra Tonight

13 July: CMC presents Gangbusters

12 July: CMC present Teen Angst Dance Party w/Prom & Are You There God?

11 July: CMC Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

6 July: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

5 July: CMC presents Neo, Andrea Kirwin

28 June: CMC Presents Dream Leaders, Little Mac and the Monster Men

27 June: WEC/CMC presents Nadia Golski

22 June: CMC presents Cracker Actor/Cromwell

22 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

21 June CMC presents Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and friends 

20 June: CMC presents in Canberra Tonight

14 June: CMC presents The Housemouse and Coolio (CD Launch) and friends

13 June: CMC presents Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

8 June: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

7 June: CMC presents Brass Knuckle Band (EP launch) with friends

25 May:  Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

25 May: breakOut and friends

24 May: CMC presents Mustered Courage with friends

17 May: CMC presents Los Chavos with friends

11 May: CMC presents Brothers Grim with friends

11 May:  Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

10 May: CMC presents Waterfront Live Recordings

9 May: CMC presents Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

5 May: Canberra Jazz Club presents In Full Swing at the Polo 

4 May: Akademia (Council of Polish Organisations in the ACT) (from 3pm)

3 May: CMC presents Zoopago and friends

27 April: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

20 AprilCMC presents Matt Dent (CD launch)

19 April: CMC presents Old Time Music Review (no. 2)

18 AprilCMC presents In Canberra Tonight

13 April: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

12 AprilCMC presents the Monotremes

11 AprilCMC presents Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

5 AprilCMC presents No Hausfrau, Jude Kohn and Xavier

22 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

16 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

15 MarchCMC presents the Ellis Collective, Mechanical Pterodactyl and Munro Melano

14 MarchCMC presents the Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

12 MarchParty at the O’Connor Shops (Centenary of Canberra)

9 MarchCMC presents The Super Raeline Bros with The Burley Griffins and Nozl

8 MarchCMC presents Friday Variety at the Polo

2 March: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

22 FebruaryCMC presents Crystal Barreca with Los Chavos

16 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

15 FebruaryCMC presents Friday Variety at the Polo

14 FebruaryCMC presents the Ping Pong Jam at the Polo

9 February: National Multicultural Festival (WEC tent on London Circuit)

8 FebruaryCMC presents The Liberators (Sydney) with Party Gravy

2 February: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

… And here’s what was on at the Polish Club in 2012

28 September:  Pterodactl CD Launch (CMC) plus support acts

29 September: Krakus/Promyk continental butcher/deli/market

30 September: Grupa Kabaretowo – Teatralna “Vis a Vis” prezentuje Kabaret Starszych Panow. 

5 October: Friday Variety at The Polo (CMC)

12 October: Sidney Creswick CD Launch (CMC)

13 October:  Continental butcher/deli/market (day) (Krakus/Promyk)

13 October:  ACT Bachata Titles Final for 2012 (evening)

14 October: Lajkonik Polish Dance performance – part of Polart 2012 (day)

18 October: The Woohoo Revue (CMC)

19 October: No Hausfrau EP Launch (CMC)

26 October: Mikelangelo and the Tin Sar (CMC)

27 October: Continental butcher/deli/market (Krakus/Promyk)

2 November: Los Chavos’ Day of the Dead (CMC)

8 November: The Tiger and Me plus Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens (CMC)

9 November: Friday night at The Polo (CMC)

10 November:  Continental butcher/deli/market (Krakus/Promyk)

11 November: Swieta Odzyskania Niepodleglosci, 11-go listopada

16 November: Buddha and the Bomb, with special guest Melanie Horsnall (CMC)

17 November: White Top Mountaineers (CMC)

23 November: Lifting Lilly (CMC)

24 November:  Continental butcher/deli/market (Krakus/Promyk)

6 December: Ping Pong Jam at the Polo (CMC)

8 December:  Continental butcher/deli/market (Krakus/Promyk)

22 December:  Continental butcher/deli/market (Krakus/Promyk)

24 December: Wygilia

31 December: New Year’s Eve at the Polo